Betrayers of Kamigawa Large

Betrayers of Kamigawa is the second set in the Kamigawa Block, and was the first small set after its larger predecessor. It was released on February 4, 2005 in Fat Packs, Booster Packs and Intro Packs. The official expansion code is BOK.


Betrayers of Kamigawa has nine different Cycles.

  • Shoal Cycle - The Shoal Cycle contains Arcane Instants that cost Mana X and Mana 2 of the card's specific color to play. It has an alternate Pitch cost, meaning you can pay for the spell by sacrificing a creature with the same Converted Mana Cost.
  • One-Mana Spirit Cycle: A cycle of 1/1 Spirits that can be sacrificed to activate an effect.
  • Flip Card Cycle: A cycle of Uncommon 2/2 Human creatures that require Ki Counters to activate their abilities.
  • Genju Cycle: A cycle of Aura Enchantments that can turn lands into creatures for Mana 2.
  • Baku Cycle: A cycle of common Spirits that gave bonuses in the form of Ki Counters whenever you play an Instant or Arcane spell.
  • Splice Cycle: A cycle of Instants that can be paid with a Splice cost.
  • "Remove from Game" Cycle: A cycle of Uncommon Instants that can Exile a card and any card in an opponent's Library or Graveyard with the same name.
  • Glasskite Cycle: A cycle of Blue Flying creatures that can counter a spell cast on them once. In higher rarities this cycle contains cards that give all your creatures this ability.
  • Patron Cycle: A cycle containing Legendary Spirits whose casting costs are reduced when you sacrifice a creature of a certain type.

Betrayers of Kamigawa contained 165 cards: 55 Rares, 55 Uncommons and 55 Commons.

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