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The Biblioplex
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Plane Strixhaven, Arcavios

The Biblioplex is a vast library that is said to hold the knowledge of the Multiverse. It is an enormous domed building that rises above the rest of the campus in Strixhaven, Arcavios.


The Library of Strixhaven, also known as the Biblioplex, forms the center of the university. Doorless, arch-shaped entrances (their design inspired by the magical star arches found across the plane) welcome inquisitive minds into the library. Inside, almost every surface from floor to unreasonably high ceiling is jammed with stacks of books. The interior of the Biblioplex is vast, with impossibly long hallways, archive chambers tall enough to have their own weather, and even pools and moat-passages that must be crossed by boat.[1]

It is said that the Strixhaven Biblioplex is the most complete archive of magic in the Multiverse.[2] All manner of spells, from the lowliest hedge wizard's anti-itch cantrip to a demon's ritual for harnessing the power of a dying sun, are recorded and stored somewhere under the library's vaulted arches. No one, save for Strixhaven's Founder Dragons, and perhaps the Oracle of Arcavios herself, knew exactly how the Biblioplex carried out its function. Nevertheless, most patrons understood that a sought-after grimoire was more likely to hunt them down than the other way around.

Within the Biblioplex is the Mystical Archive, an impossibly large wing that is said to contain a copy of every spell ever created in the Multiverse. While mortal life is too fleeting to contest such a claim, it is clear that the Archive contains an uncountable number of powerful spells. At the very center of the Biblioplex is the Hall of Oracles, an awe-inspiring chamber lined with monuments. The heart of the Hall is the Strixhaven Snarl, a massive, luminous tangle of pure mana that illuminates this chamber like a magical sun.[1]

Notable locations[]

  • The Torches of Enlightenment, five lines of beacon-towers radiate out from the center of Strixhaven like enormous spokes, stretching more than a hundred miles out into the surrounding countryside. These Torches of Enlightenment burn eternally with magical flame, symbolizing the path toward learning and an escape from ignorance. The five lines converge at the Biblioplex.
  • The Mystical Archive
  • The Hall of Semmantics[3]
  • The Hall of Oracles
  • The Strixhaven Snarl, an overlapping tangle of power hidden away below the school in the Hall of Oracles.


Isabough, the Treefolk librarian is aided by multiple artificial constructs and gargoyles. The halls of the Biblioplex are roamed by Codie, a chattering animated book.

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