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A binder is a three-ring notebook full of plastic card-display sheets.

Ultra Pro binders and display sheets

The first major question facing the avid Magic hobbyist is, of course, where to keep a collection of several hundred or several thousand cards, at least some of which may be worth a significant amount of money. One does not simply stuff a Black Lotus or a Mox Sapphire into the bottom of a sock drawer. The two popular solutions borrowed from sports-card collectors were card boxes and binders.[1]

A binder with display sheets is particularly useful to the active card trader, as it's easy to see individual cards without having to riffle through large stacks looking for them. Wizards of the Coast released the first official Magic: The Gathering binder with 500-sheet capacity in 1995, featuring art by Deckmaster artist Pete Venters. In 1996, Ultra Pro took over the manufacturing of binders.

References[edit | edit source]

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