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Biracazir was the wolf mount of the ledev wolfrider Fonn Zunich on Ravnica. He was sired by Voja.[1]

Biracazir was present during the Decamillennial convocation at Vitu-Ghazi and was a first-hand witness of Szadek's return. Biracazir attacked the ancient vampire, but was seriously wounded. When Szadek attempted to drain Mat'Selesnya's life energy, bringing the Selesnyan parun at the brink of death, Fonn used the green gem from Saint Bayul, that connected an individual's mind to the mind of the Conclave. Biracazir's lifeforce helped to recreate Mat'Selesnya's strength. After the new dryad conclave was spawned by the parun to replace the group killed by Szadek, Biracazir remained at Vitu-Ghazi as its protector and overseer.

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