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Black Carriage
Black carriage.jpg
Race Horse
Birthplace Ulgrotha
Lifetime Pre-Mending

The Black Carriage is a carriage pulled by four black horses and owned by Baron Sengir of Ulgrotha, that was sometimes seen riding down Carriage Road, before the coming of Autumn Willow. In one occasion, it nearly killed Cassie An-Havva, but she was saved by a Brass Man summoned by the planeswalker Feroz.[1]

The Black Carriage remains the Baron's favorite way of traveling through the Dark Barony. When Baron Sengir wishes to ride, he chooses one of the villagers to act as a coachman. When the tour of his lands is complete, the Baron unbridles his steeds and lets them devour the terrified peasant, as a reward for their labor.[2] The Baron's chargers have been seen to sweat fire and blood, and when they gallop at a breakneck speed their horseshoes throw fiery sparks.[3]

In-game references[]

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