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The Blackblade–Dihada War is a conflict that ravaged the surface of the continent of Corondor, on Dominaria.

It happened after the fall of the Thran, beginning after the destruction of the city of Carth by the planeswalker Geyadrone Dihada. An orphan from the city, known simply as the Son of Carth, was tricked by Geyadrone herself to summon the planeswalker Dakkon Blackblade to fight at his command against the destroyer of his home. Geyadrone Dihada pursued them across Corondor, dueling Dakkon repeatedly and causing massive destruction. When Dakkon killed Geyadrone's servant, the Elder Dragon Piru, the resulting explosion caused the Dueling Chasm of Golthonor. The power of the Dragon, however, was absorbed by Geyadrone, which managed to subdue Dakkon and bounded him to her will. When Geyadrone left the battlefield, promising that she would once again summon Dakkon to her aid, Dakkon and the boy - now called by Dakkon himself the Lion of Carth - decided to start anew in the far land of Terisiare.

During the fight between Geyadrone and Dakkon, the planeswalker Eskil was known as the protector of the children of southern Corondor, defending them from the ravages of the war.