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Rorix Bladewing.

The Bladewing brood from Dominaria are the line of Shivan Dragons that are descended from Rorix Bladewing. They were the only faction to oppose the Shivan Nation's formation.[1] The Bladewing brood perceive themselves as the rightful heirs to Shiv's draconic leadership, and find the idea of equality of races repulsive.

After Teferi phased out a large chunk of Shiv, some Shivan dragons journeyed away to seek any opportunity to restore the broken pride of their race. Rorix Bladewing, the champion of Shiv, was one of them. He was serpentine dragon with knife-like wings that could fly very fast.[2] Rorix became a pit-fighter in Otaria. He fought and died in the Grand Coliseum, but after his death he was reanimated as Bladewing the Risen.

Tarox Bladewing is a descendant of Rorix Bladewing, and the child of Verix and Karox Bladewing. The pride of his xenophobic blood, he secretly hopes to seize control of Darigaaz's dragon nation.[3]

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