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The Blind Eternities[1] is a term commonly used by planeswalkers to refer to the space between planes in the Multiverse which is filled with chaotic energies, mainly the Aether but also mana and temporal energy.[2][3][4] During the time of the Thran, this space was also referred to as the Corridors of Time, the Halls of Time, and the Bastard Plane.[5]


Only planeswalkers and the most powerful, godlike beings can enter the Blind Eternities and survive its rough environment. The planeswalker Jaya Ballard recalls that even ghosts may die in the Blind Eternities.[6]

The Aether takes part in summoning creatures, from which that creature materializes, or is pulled from. Much about the blind eternities is still unknown. There does appear to be some basic concept of being "between" two points in the Blind Eternities.[7] However, according to Mark Rosewater, they are more like a doorway rather than a physical space.[8] He argues that planeswalkers might experience the Blind Eternities and relate it to an experience they understand, experiencing it as a place while it isn’t one because it has no substance, area or locality.[9][10]

The Eldrazi are unfathomable beings that exist in the Blind Eternities.[11] It is not known if they were born there, or later adapted to survive its rough energies.

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