Block Constructed is a format for tournaments that players bring their own decks and play.


A players deck must meet the following requirements:

  • 60 or more cards
  • Only cards printed in the predetermined block (i.e. Ravnica block)
  • Contains no more than 4 copes of any single card (except Basic Lands)

Players may also use a 15 card Sideboard.


This format is considered as a Constructed format. It has been previously been used many times as part of qualifier for other larger tournaments sanctioned by the DCI.


Both the deck and side board must comply with the current Block Constructed banlist.

The Following cards are banned in Block Constructed format:

Mirrodin Block

Masques Block

Urza Block

Tempest Block

Mirage Block

Ice Age Block

Constructed StandardModern
EDH (Commander)
Block Constructed
Limited DraftSealed
Other Highlander
Two-Headed Giant
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