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|first printing=November 15, 1999
|first printing=November 15, 1999
|preceded by=[[Emperor's Fist]]
|preceded by=[[Time Streams]]

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Bloodlines is the final novel in the Artifacts Cycle and concludes the story from The Brothers' War, Planeswalker and Time Streams.

Bloodlines is written by Loren L. Coleman and was published in August 1999. It is currently out of print.


Urza has started the Bloodlines Project to create a mortal heir to his Legacy. But as the project furthers his followers are divided, with some leaving the project believing it has gone too far, while others strive to go even further with their test projects.

And Yawgmoth has awakened inner circle member Croag to oversee the creation of Rath and the death of Urza Planeswalker.