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Keyword Ability
Type Evasion
Introduced Unstable
Last Used Unstable
Reminder Text Blurry (This creature can be blocked only if defending player was wearing glasses as it was cast.)
1 card
{U} 100%
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Blurry is an evasion ability introduced in Unstable on the card Blurry Beeble.[1][2]


Blurry is a joke variant of Menace or Skulk. Creatures with it can only be blocked by a player if that player was wearing glasses when the creature was cast. It was an evolution of the previous mechanic Denimwalk, but the wording was changed to have the effect be permanent on cast - Denimwalk's wording incentivized players to remove their denim clothing to avoid the effect, which would be unfortunate if they were wearing jeans[2]. The phrasing used invites memory problems, but was considered acceptable in the less-serious silver border world.


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