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as of Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate
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Boar is a red and green creature type used for cards depicting wild pigs.


The first creature to bear the type was Durkwood Boars in Legends. Based on its artwork, Scandalmonger became the only known "boar folk" in the Grand Creature Type Update. Boars are known by various names, including swine, hogs, vorracs, and razorbacks.

In the Grand Creature Type Update the creature type Pig was changed into Boar (Zodiac Pig). The creature type Warthog shortly became Beast (Giant Warthog) before being turned into Boar as well (Warthog).



The nomads of the Daru Plains on Dominaria believe that boars are the incarnation of the wrath of the Ancestor after she first witnessed human cruelty.


The Somberwald is home to large, monstrous boars that are known to destroy and eat whole cottages. They were attracted by the smell of fresh dead, so the inhabitants of the woods often buried their dead especially deep.

When Emrakul arrived, the boars became even more aggressive and monstrous.


Boars on Kaladesh are influenced by the flow of aether, which makes them more aggressive than their counterparts elsewhere.


Mercadia is home to humanoid creatures with warthog-like heads. They are known to indulge in rumormonging.


The boars of Mirrodin are partially metal, like all lifeforms on the plane. Vorracs were large Boar Beasts found in the Tangle. Others were tamed by the Vulshok as livestock. These boars needed to eat their weight in metal daily or be consumed by their inner fire.

Several of these boars were phyrexianized, being transformed into Razor Swine.


On Ravnica, the Gruul Zhur-Taa Clan await the awakening of Ilharg, the Raze Boar, an ancient boar god who will mount a fiery rampage and raze the over-civilized world once and for all (the so-called "End-Raze"). In their raids, the Gruul employ Batterboars, mammoth-sized boars that gather in herds whose passage shakes the ground and topples building.[1]

Other boars are tamed and used as beasts of burden, especially by the guildless.


In old Tarkir, the Gore Swine were regarded as exemplars of the virtues of the Mardu Horde.


On Theros, boars are among the wild beasts that live in the rough valleys of the Phoberos badlands. Like many monsters on the plane, they favor the taste of human flesh.


Zendikar is home to several half-elemental boars that dwell in Valakut. Another boar of note is Yasharn, Implacable Earth, who is also an Elemental.

Notable Boars[]




Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Boar Green Creature — Boar 1/1 When this creature dies, create a Food token.
Green Creature — Boar 2/2
Green Creature — Boar 3/3
Green Creature — Boar 3/1