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Bogardan. Art by Terese Nielsen.
Plane Dominaria
Part of Burning Isles, Jamuura
Status Current

Bogardan is one of the islands that make up the Burning Isles.[1] Among the most volcanic regions on Dominaria, the creatures and tribes that inhabit Bogardan are as volatile as the land itself. Many embermages hail from Bogardan.

Bogardan once was at war with the hellish demons of Urborg, controlled by the lich Nevinyrral. In contrast to Urborg's jungles, Bogardan is predominantly arid and riddled with volcanoes. The air is often choked with cinders and the night sky glows a dull red. Most of Bogardan's settlements are beside the meager rivers that flow through two canyons across the land.

Many of Bogardan's cultures are primitive, enthusiastically sacrificing both kin and strangers to the volcanoes they perceive to be gods. Bogardan is the second most powerful site of red mana on Dominaria (Shiv being the first). Several portals to the plane of Wildfire exist, but the Emberwilde Order has made no move into Bogardan for fear of insulting the powerful entities that reside in its depths. While these entities remain unidentified, it is believed they influence Bogardan's burgeoning population of canines, from the Beasts of Bogardan to lava hounds to dozens more mundane and magical species.[2]

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