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Bonus sheets are print sheets with a collection of reprinted Magic cards that are associated with a specific Magic set and usually have a unique treatment.[1]

Description[ | ]

As a supplementary set, the reprints are legal for use in Limited formats, along with their associated set, but do not necessarily have the same constructed legality.[2]

In contrast to the similar Masterpiece Series, bonus sheets have a guaranteed slot in the booster as opposed to being a rare occurrence.

Bonus sheet sets[ | ]

Year Set Symbol Bonus sheet name Theme
2006 Time Spiral TSP Timeshifted expansion symbol Timeshifted cards.[3]
2021 Time Spiral Remastered TSR Timeshifted expansion symbol Timeshifted cards.[4]
Strixhaven: School of Mages Mystical Archive Instants and sorceries.[5]
2022 The Brothers' War Retro Artifacts Artifacts.[6]
2023 Shadows over Innistrad Remastered (digital set) Shadows of the Past Innistrad block cards.[7][8]
March of the Machine Multiverse Legends Legendary creatures.[9]
Wilds of Eldraine Enchanting Tales Enchantments.
2024 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Breaking News Crimes.[10]
The Big Score Fomori treasures.[a]
Modern Horizons 3 New-to-Modern reprints Reprints that are new to Modern.
Horizons reprints Retro frame reprints from Modern Horizons 1 and Modern Horizons 2.

Notes[ | ]

  1. The Big Score was originally designed as a stand-alone Epilogue-style set, similar to March of the Machine: The Aftermath. Due to the poor sales and reception of The Aftermath, the stand-alone set release was cancelled and the cards were added to the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play booster, replacing The List cards for that set. Unlike Breaking News or other bonus sheets, all 30 cards in the set are Standard legal.

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