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One-time boon
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21 One-time boon creation cards
{W} 33.3% {B} 14.3% {R} 23.8% {G} 14.3% {R/G} 4.8% {artifact symbol} 4.8% {land symbol} 4.8%
1 Multiple-time boon creation card
{G/U} 100%
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o:"-time boon"
Not to be confused with Boon (slang).

A boon is a designed-for-digital, MTG Arena-specific marker introduced in Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate that represents a delayed trigger.

Description[ | ]

A boon is a separate game object with a triggered ability created by cards, similar to an emblem.[1] Boons are used for triggers that could be delayed over many turns, such as a player casting their next creature spell. The Arena software takes care of tracking this, so each boon acts as a reminder of what triggers are active. In contrast, typical triggered abilities either occur immediately or are delayed at most until the player's next turn, which requires less long-term memory by players.

There are two types of boons:

  • One-time boons, originally just called "a boon" until Alchemy: Eldraine, disappear after the criteria for their trigger have been met.
  • Multiple-time boons can be triggered more than once, with the boon disappearing only after the last of the predetermined number of uses.[2]

Like emblems, there are no cards that interact with or modify an existing boon.

History[ | ]

Arcane Archery boon

Boons as they first appeared in Arena.

Before boons were introduced, a few digital cards used similar phrasing but did not attribute the text to a boon, such as Tenacious Pup or Molten Impact. These simply used triggered abilities delayed longer than usual and were later on rebalanced into using the boon mechanic.

Boons were first introduced on ten cards in Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate, to replace some of the mechanics on reimagined cards.

As part of the Alchemy: Eldraine update, the boon mechanics were modified to allow a boon to be used multiple times instead of always disappearing after being triggered.[2] While the patch notes for the update indicate all previous cards with the mechanic would be errata'd to be called a "one-time boon", only the cards in Alchemy: Eldraine featured the new wording. Underbridge Warlock from the set is the first card to check if a player has a boon.

The first use of the new multiple-time boon mechanic was introduced in Alchemy: Ixalan with Merfolk Tunnel-Guide. It allows for the next three Merfolk cast by a player to explore. Errata for previous cards was implemented, bringing them in line with the new "one-time boon" wording.

Errata[ | ]

During the release of Outlaws of Thunder Junction, Wizards of the Coast updated their template for specific delayed triggers that occur when you cast your next spell.[3] This update was used as a reason to errata four Alchemy cards that required the template change to use the boon mechanic. Bloodrage Alpha, Electrostatic Blast, Molten Impact, Tenacious Pup were all modified to create a one-time boon.

Rules[ | ]

Boons aren't part of the Comprehensive Rules. They operate according to the programmed rules of Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Examples[ | ]

Example 1

Arcane Archery {2}{G}
Target creature get +3/+3 and gains reach and trample until end of turn. You get a one-time boon with "When you cast your next creature spell, that creature enters the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter, reach counter, and trample counter on it."

Example 2

Merfolk Tunnel-Guide {G}{U}
Creature — Merfolk Wizard
When Merfolk Tunnel-Guide enters the battlefield, you get a three-time boon with “Whenever one or more Merfolk enter the battlefield under your control, target Merfolk creature you control explores.”

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