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Race Human, Planeswalker
Birthplace Shandalar
Lifetime Mending Era
currently: {B}

Boragor was one of the Planeswalker hunters sent by Vronos to capture Garruk, and the second to be killed by him.[1]

Description[ | ]

Boragor was a human originating from the plane of Shandalar. He was a necromancer hermit who worshiped the demon Xathrid. Following Garruk's escape from Odric, Boragor was summoned by Vronos in Innistrad, along with other planeswalkers, to capture and bring Garruk to Avacyn to be cured. The group located Garruk in Alara, and upon his arrival, Boragor began performing a ritual for their upcoming confrontation. With Kento dead, Garruk began searching for the rest of his pursuers and found Boragor in the middle of his ritual. Boragor's black magic and zombies enabled him to withstand the attack of Garruk's beasts corrupted, but he ultimately fell before his axe.

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