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Boris Devilboon
Race Undead, formerly Human
Birthplace Empire of Madara, Dominaria
Lifetime ~4150 AR
Assassin's Blade, Emperor's Fist, Champion's Trial

Boris Devilboon, later known as Dead Boris, was a wizard and a minion of the imperial assassin Ramses Overdark.[1]

In life, Boris was a sickly looking man with a tiny mustache. He followed Ramses loyally, even though the assassin treated him poorly. Boris had the ability to create tiny creatures made of flames which he called his "little friends," and could predict the future via the medium of vague rhyming verses. Overdark was annoyed by the inaccuracy of these predictions and killed Boris. He then resurrected him, which vastly improved the mage's abilities. It didn't matter much however, as Tetsuo Umezawa wanted vengeance from Overdark and killed all the assassin's minions that stood in his way. Devilboon summoned an entire army of "little friends" that were made of rotting flesh, tar, and offal instead of hot lava. Tetsuo destroyed his undead form, dispelling his summonings as well.


  • In prerevisionist history Boris Devilboon was a creature that could be seen as the boogeyman for demons. He liked mischief, such as stealing his victims' horns and such.[2] As an explanation, the Madaran character might have named himself after the boogeyman.

In-game references[]

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  2. As mentioned in the story Dual Loyalties in the pre-rev anthology Distant Planes and in the Greensleeves Trilogy.