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Race Golem
Birthplace Mirrodin
Lifetime Unknown
The Moons of Mirrodin,The Darksteel Eye

Bosh was an ancient golem of mysterious origin that lived on Mirrodin. Just like his companion Glissa Sunseeker, he sought the truth. His truth was his own lost memory, and an understanding of his place in a world he no longer recognized.[1]

Presumably, he was one of the golems Memnarch created to help him with his duties and quests; he was found by Slobad in the Mephidross and believed that he was created to curb the Mycosynth infestation, a battle that he lost.[2] Bosh, likely from the dross's effects, had amnesia which was cured by the Pool of Knowledge. Over the course of his travels with Glissa and Slobad, Bosh's metallic body slowly transformed into flesh.

Bosh met his demise when Glissa summoned the Kaldra avatar, which Memnarch took control of and ordered to capture Glissa, squashing Bosh in the process.

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