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Brady Bell is a Director in Studio X at Wizards of the Coast since December 2018, managing game design execution across all formats of Magic.[1]


Brady began his career in gaming in 1995 as a producer and designer at DreamWorks Interactive, working alongside Seamus Blackely (Xbox creator) across multiple Jurassic Park titles. His first director role was Clive Barker's Undying, a horror-themed FPS (first-person shooter) created in collaboration with the author, Clive Barker. Upon completion of Undying, the game division of DreamWorks was acquired by Electronic Arts and Brady began his work on the Medal of Honor franchise. He led the creation of seven titles across all platforms, ending his run with Medal of Honor Pacific Assault. Brady founded multiple game development studios, designing and developing licensed MMORPG's, lite strategy titles, and a series of tablet-based edutainment titles for children.

At Wizards[]

As a director at Wizards, Brady was responsible for the following sets.





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