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Brady Dommermuth is a writer. He is also a former Magic: The Gathering Creative Director, overseeing the Creative Team, at Wizards of the Coast. In addition, he functioned for a while as a rules manager.[1]

Career[ | ]

Brady had training in literature, theater, and drama criticism.[2] Once upon a time, Brady was an editor at the National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE) in Champaign, Illinois. A former colleague, Michael G. Ryan, referred him to WotC. Brady was an editor for numerous years. Then one day he mentioned to Bill Rose that R&D needed a technical writer, and he was appointed as such. The tech writing position led to a short stint as interim rules manager and then led to him being the manager of a writing team. Brady eventually transitioned to becoming a world designer in charge of creating worlds for the game. At this time he reported to Tyler Bielman who was the creative director. Eventually, he took over that position.[3][4] In April 2013, his position at Wizards was eliminated.

Writing[ | ]

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Controversy[ | ]

Brady Dommermuth is often cited on message boards as the instigator of neo-walkers or "bradywalkers". The Vorthos crowd believed him to be the administrator of continuity and criticized him by name when an aspect of the game did not align with historical canon.[5]

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