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Brago, King Eternal.jpg
Race Human Spirit
Birthplace Paliano, Fiora
Lifetime Mending Era

Brago a.k.a. The King Eternal was a spirit that ruled the High City of Paliano on the plane of Fiora.[1]

Born the third son to a minor house, the ambitious young Count Brago worked himself upwards in the ruling class of Fiora. He was a terror in the courts and council chambers, his arguments flawless, his entreatments irresistible. He built up a coalition of nobility, clergy, and the merchant class. He rooted out corruption and replaced it with humility. But always, always, more power ended up in his hands.

However, only three years after he had ascended to the throne, he was diagnosed with a hereditary and incurable disease. The priesthood — or Custodi — started giving treatments to prolong his life but extended themselves too far. His body would deteriorate, but he wouldn't die. Thinking of it as an act of mercy, Brago's good friend Selvala ended his suffering with a dagger through his heart. However, this only released his spirit. The Custodi knew that they would lose power through the succession. So they kept Brago’s spirit alive as a figurehead and were able to retain their command.

Kaya kills King Brago.

Instigated by Marchesa, Brago's spirit was later eliminated as well and killed finally by the planeswalker Kaya.[2][3]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Betrayal Nik Davidson 2014-05-14 Conspiracy Fiora Selvala, Brago


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