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Brandon Sanderson (born December 19, 1975) is an American fantasy and science fiction writer. He is best known for the Cosmere universe, in which most of his fantasy novels (most notably the Mistborn series and The Stormlight Archive) are set. He is also known for finishing Robert Jordan's epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time.

Because he was well known to be a longtime magic fan, Nic Kelman offered him the chance to contribute to Magic Story by writing a novella. Children of the Nameless was published for free by Wizards of the Coast on December 12, 2018.[1][2] For the novella he created the magic wielding human girl Tacenda and the demon-consorting planeswalker Davriel Cane.

In November 14 2019. He took part in the podcast The Command Zone which they played under the Command Cube Commander format alongside Jimmy Wong, Josh Lee Kwai and Nadine "Nissa Cosplay". His commander at the time was Nicol Bolas, the Ravager