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Brass Man
Brass man.jpg
Origin Rabiah
Creator Fatima
Status Unknown

Brass men were ubiquitous mechanical warriors seen in many places in prerevisionist lore.

They originally were inhabitants of the City of Brass, created by Fatima to keep her company in her grief and rage.[1] Clumsy and slow, they were mechanical-magical constructs of limited intellect. Phenomenally tough and capable of withstanding extremes of temperature or weather, they however suffer from a strange malaise. Any action they perform seem to use extreme effort, and they can't function without regular infusions of mana.[2] Some were guards of the Castle of El Hajjaj.

They were also seen in other times and places, including Dominaria. Feroz summoned a brass man on Ulgrotha to save Cassie An-Havva from being mauled by the Black Carriage. Some were also used as warriors under the command of the wizard Coldraith of Golthonor on Dominaria.

In-game references[]

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