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Bread, or B.R.E.A.D is a general guideline strategy for prioritizing picks and building a deck in sealed formats.

Bread is an acronym for Bombs, Removal, Evasion, Aggro, and Duds.

  • A Bomb is a card with significant power, which with some certainty would win you a game.
  • A Removal is a card that removes a threat, such as a powerful permanent controlled by an opponent.
  • A card is considered an Evasion pick if it has a chance of getting past natural defenses by your opponent. Examples include spells that can't be countered or creatures with abilities like Flying or Protection that prohibit them from being blocked.
  • An Aggro card is a card that plays aggressively, quickly, and without much other strategy wearing down your opponent's life total or defending creatures.
  • A Dud (also Dreg or Dirt) is a card that is generally not worth playing, either because its mana cost is too high for whatever benefit it gives, or because the benefit it gives isn't particularly advantageous.

The acronym is prolific but has been considered outdated with modern limited set design and schools of thought. One issue is that the evasion, aggro, and duds categories are nebulous, and the value judgments required to properly differentiate between them are beyond the skill level of someone who would be using such a draft guide. Another is that removal is touted as critical, but modern creatures are now powerful enough that, on average, a high-quality common four-drop creature is better than a poor six-drop removal spell, but this is not captured in the acronym - to a beginner, said four-drop may not even categorize as "aggro" and end up as a "dud" despite being a superior card. Efforts to move away from the acronym have proven difficult due to inertia.