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Bread, or B.R.E.A.D is a general guideline strategy for prioritizing picks and building a deck in sealed formats.

Bread is an acronym for Bombs, Removal, Evasion, Aggro, Duds.

  • A Bomb is a card with significant power, which with some certainty would win you a game.
  • A Removal is a card which removes a threat, such as a powerful permanent controlled by an opponent.
  • A card is considered an Evasion pick if it has a chance of getting past natural defenses by your opponent. Examples include spells that can't be countered, or creatures with abilities like Flying or Protection that prohibits them from being blocked.
  • An Aggro card is a card that plays aggressively, by quickly and without much other strategy wears down your opponent's life total or defending creatures.
  • A Dud (also Dreg) is a card that is generally not worth playing, either because its mana cost is too high for whatever benefit it gives, or because the benefit it gives isn't particularly advantageous.
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