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Race Owlin
Birthplace Arcavios
Lifetime Mending Era
Commander 2021

Professor Breena is a owlin teacher at the Silverquill College of Strixhaven University on Arcavios.[1]


Breena has always had a talent for getting her way. If she wants you to do something, you won't just do it, you'll be sure it was your idea all along. Her students and colleagues alike hang on her every word, and in front of a crowd, she's a powerhouse of charisma, enhancing her speeches with elegant swirls of ink magic. She's an elite mage who can easily hold her own in a fight, but she prefers to defeat her foes with words alone.

An Oriq agent once trapped and attempted to recruit her, threatening her students' lives if she didn't comply. Within an hour, she convinced him to free her, abandon his wicked ways, and seek wisdom from the Archaics.[2]

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