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Plane Kaldheim
Status Perpetually in conflict

Bretagard is one of the ten realms of the plane of Kaldheim. It is the realm of the humans.[1][2]


Bretagard consists of a single large continent surrounded by a perilous, storm-tossed sea. The land is dominated by a sprawling plain, called the Feltmark, which stretches hundreds of miles from the ocean to the ancient woods of the Aldergard Forest. Across the land, plant and animal life is diverse and plentiful.

The winter season in Bretagard is known as Bloodsky in memory of the massacre carried out by Varragoth and the Skelle.

The clans[]

The five human clans of Bretagard are perpetually in conflict with one another, but are able to keep the peace by the "Code of Clans". Each clan has its own unique approach to both martial combat and magic.

The Beskir[]

The Defenders of the Code ({W})
Although never reaching beyond the grassland of the Feltmark, the lawspeaker clerics maintain peace and order among the clans of Bretagard. They have taken upon themselves the honor (and struggle) of enforcing the Code of Clans. The Beskir are led by two women: Maja and Sigrid. Their founder, Hurrik, once saved the god Alrund's life.[3]

The Omenseekers[]

The Navigators ({U})
Driven by a desire to understand the secrets of the Cosmos, the Omenseekers are legendary explorers, seeking the thrill of discovery. With skilled navigators and sleek longships, they control the sea. The ships are long and trim, inscribed with tales of glorious battle and cunning victory, and glide over the waves like the drakes and serpents carved into their prows. The Vedrune are an elite group of Omenseeker wizards who use elements from the natural world, such as ocean currents, wind, and the lights of the aurora, to predict future events as well as navigate through the Cosmos to other realms. The Omenseekers are led by Inga Rune-Eyes.

The Skelle[]

The Raiders ({B})
Shrouded in an aura of supernatural mystery, the Skelle conquer the settlements of other clans and collect tribute from their citizens. They have broken the Code of the Clans and are no longer bound by it. The Skelle clan became the terrible force it is today under the tutelage of Varragoth, a demon who escaped from Immersturm.

The Tuskeri[]

The Hedonists ({R})
To be part of the Tuskeri clan is to think only of greatness. They care for next to nothing except performing epic feats and then boasting about them in outlandish tales. Leadership among the Tuskeri falls to the clan member who is seen as the strongest, boldest, and most accomplished at any given time. The position of leader can be bestowed as a reward for particularly remarkable feats, which means that the office can pass at any time to the next warrior who achieves something incredible. The current leader of the Tuskeri clan is Arni Brokenbrow.

The Kannah[]

The Wanderers ({G})
Cursed by the Einir to be eternal nomads in the Aldergard forest, the Kannah wander in search of redemption and a path that will lead them to the warrior's paradise of Starnheim. The Kannah are led by Fynn the Snakehunter, the only human who has ever managed to wound the Cosmos Serpent.

Known locations[]

  • The Feltmark, a large plain of rolling grasslands. Home to the Beskir clan.
    • Beskir Hall, a thriving village built on high ground about a mile from the coast.
    • Sevalgr, a small fishing village.[4]
  • The icy Kirda Sea, filled with sea monsters aside. Its waters are treacherous, with towering sea stacks and jagged rocks lining the coast, often hidden by thick fog.
    • The Kirda Pillars, a maze of sea stacks perpetually shrouded in chilling mist. Home to the Omenseekers.
  • The Aldergard forest, an ancient forest of pine, yew, and deciduous trees. Home to the nomadic Kannah clan.
    • The Cursed Tree, a massive oak that is perpetually covered in snow.
    • The Skelle Mire, a dreary swamp near the center of the forest. Home to the Skelle.
    • Jutmaw, an outpost, a neutral area between the sea and the forests.
  • The Tusk Mountains, the jagged, inhospitable mountains that dominate the eastern side of the continent. Home to the Tuskeri.
    • Red Ridge.

Bretagard terms[]

  • "Hersir" — a local commander.
  • "Jarl" — similar to duke or earl
  • "Frith" — peace or truce.

In-game references[]

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  • Bretagard is based on Midgard, the name for Earth in Norse mythology.
    • Specifically it refers to the world of Manheimr, as the word "Midgard" more appropriately applies to the mountainous barrier which divides Manheimr and Jötunheimr, demarcating these and neighboring "middle" worlds from those higher on the World Tree (past the mountains of Asgard) and lower on the World Tree (past the mountains of Utgard).

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