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Brian Tinsman is a former Magic designer and developer for Wizards of the Coast.[1]


He had been working for the company in Data Research and then moved to R&D to be the Business Manager. As business manager he oversees new business design.[2] He was the lead designer of six Magic sets and the Sr. Manager of Game Design in Wizards R&D, leading a team of designers that works on Magic and all other company brands too. In addition to Magic sets, he has designed over 30 other tabletop and digital games.

Tinsman is known for bringing a "think differently" perspective to projects. He was the concept acquisitions lead for R&D for several years, which means he was in charge of evaluating new games submitted for publication, as well as competitors' games that might be threats or acquisition targets. During those he played hundreds of new games in all stages of development and wrote critiques of most of them. Based on this experience he wrote a book called "The Game Inventor's Guidebook".[3] After completion of Avacyn Restored, Brian has left Wizards for other game design opportunities.[4]




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