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Brigid Baeli
Race Kithkin
Birthplace Kinsbaile, Lorwyn–Shadowmoor
Lifetime Unknown
Lorwyn, Morningtide, Shadowmoor, Eventide

Brigid Baeli was an excellent archer from the kithkin clachan of Kinsbaile. As such, she held an official title "Hero of Kinsbaile", and was the right-hand of Gaddock Teeg. Songs were composed and tales were told about her exploits and achievements, and she helped to deflect numerous threats to her home clachan.


Brigid was assigned to join Rhys, a Gilt Leaf elf, who was an outcast from his tribe, on his way to perform a service for his former mentor, the treefolk Colfenor. In order to gain the favor of the elvish commander Nath, who occupied his clachan, Teeg ordered Brigid to pacify Rhys and bring him back as a gift to Nath. Colfenor manipulated the message, however, and Brigid targeted Ashling instead.

After Ashling was saved from extinguishing and the elvish threat to Kinsbaile temporarily negated when Rhys killed Nath in hand-to-hand combat, Brigid questioned Teeg about his motives, warning him that she does not enjoy being used as a tool of political intrigues.

Later, she re-joined the group working as a decoy to aid the rescue of the giants Brion and Kiel from the elf hunters and accompanied Sygg to investigate strange occurrences within the merrows. This led her to talk to The Source of the Wanderwine River, while holding Sygg's Crescent of Morningtide, which enabled her to survive the change between Lorwyn to Shadowmoor with her memories, abilities, and physical image intact.

Within the Shadowmoor storyline, she is a member of Sygg's pirate crew, along with the merrow Wryllick, Wrybert, and Wryget.[1] She kept close to Sygg, for whose corruption she feels a pang of personal guilt. The party confronts a kithkin scout Jack Chierdagh, claiming to be on a mission to get Rosheen's scroll. Jack manages to kill Wryllick in self-defense, Wrybert is killed by Sygg and Wryget knocked unconscious. When Sygg wants to kill Jack, Brigid knocks him out to save Jack's life. She gives Jack her magical wingbow, capable of flight. Then she meets Maralen and offers to work for her if she agrees to help Jack become the Hero of Mistmeadow. That is done, and Jack secures Rosheen's scroll to lure her away from Mistmeadow. The scroll is taken by the Vendilion sisters, but Rosheen changes her path.

Later, Brigid lives in Mistmeadow and helps to defend the city from Ashling the Destroyer. Thanks to her possession of the Crescent, she is capable of using shapewater magic, as well as teaching it to other kithkin. At that time, Wryget works as her partner. Brigid's shapewater brigade is a powerful defensive tool, but even they cannot stop the Destroyer. Shielded by shapewater armor, Brigid personally confronts the Destroyer. She finds out that Ashling remembers her (and her actions toward herself) very well. Ashling leaves Brigid alive, to see everything of hers ruined. Mistmeadow is saved only by the sacrifice of Vigilant Eidren, who channels the power of Wilt Leaf forest through his body directly at Ashling and hurls her away.

Brigid later convinces Maralen about the necessity of persuading the Source of Wanderbrine to help them. The elemental power of fire could be matched only with the strongest elemental power of water on the plane. Along with Sygg and his crew, who agrees to help in exchange for the Crescent finally finding its way to his, the true heir's hands, force the Source to help them. Ashling is ambushed near Kinscaer, and her elemental power is taken by Maralen. Maralen recreates Brigid's wingbow, and the women fly to Cayr Ulios, where Maralen plans to have the final confrontation with Oona. Above Cayr Ulios, Maralen reveals her true intentions - she never planned to give up the Crescent for Sygg. Maralen snaps the Crescent from Brigid's neck and sends her falling down. Hitting the treetops, Brigid blacks out.

When she awakes, there is a sun in the sky again. Maralen has taken over the role of the Queen of Fae and restored the normal day/night cycle.

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