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Race Leonin
Birthplace Oreskos, Theros
Lifetime Mending Era

Brimaz is the current leonin "king" of Oreskos, on the plane of Theros.


Each year, on the day of the first full moon after the autumn equinox, matriarchs from all the leonin prides gather at Tethmos to select a monarch, who acts as a representative of the prides in the wider world. While terms like “queen”, “general” or "king" are often applied to this leader by outsiders, the meaning of the leonin title, zibynth, is closer to “speaker.” The leonin speaker is both a warrior and a spiritual leader for his people. Each speaker is considered the manifestation of nature's animus on earth.

Traditionally, the speaker reigns for a single year. As the leonin have grown less isolated, though, they have come to explore greater continuity in their leadership and Brimaz has held the office for several years. One of the few men to ever be speaker, he is broadminded, humble, and determined, with a deep connection to the land. He is quick to seek opinions from the matriarchs of the leonin prides, and often defers to their wisdom. While his focus has largely been within the grasslands’ borders, he cautiously explores engaging in trade with the human poleis.[1] Furthermore, while Brimaz is a capable warrior and an inspiring leader, he has private doubts about the isolationism of leonin culture.[2]


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