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Race Giant
Birthplace Lorwyn–Shadowmoor
Lifetime Unknown
Lorwyn, Morningtide

Brion, called Stoutarm was a giant of Lorwyn.


Brion was brother to Kiel and also to Rosheen Meanderer, a vagabond sage who wandered Lorwyn in search of interesting stories, sharing her prophecies with whoever met her. Brion was emotional and more talkative than his brother, giving the impression of a teenager in his best years.


Working for Rhys[]

Brion and Kiel helped Rhys to eliminate a boggart raiding party. Rhys was then ordered to send the giants away, but they refused to leave until the work was done. In the end, they agreed to leave in exchange for Rhys bringing stories to their sister, Rosheen Meanderer, who Kiel prophesied would someday meet Rhys.


Rhys later met the giant brothers near Kinsbaile. However, the group was ambushed during their talk by the Gilt Leaf pursuit commando, and both giant brothers were struck by moonglove-poisoned arrows.

Once more in Rhys' service[]

The giant brothers were rendered immobile and enchanted by nettlevines that would transform them slowly into obedient vinebred. This was prevented by Rhys, Maralen, and Ashling, when the former performed a disenchanting ritual on the nettlevines and Ashling renewed their vigor by flamekin inspiration magic.

Kiel and Brion then set up with Rhys to find their sister Rosheen. The giants helped to tear down the bridge across the Dauba Ravine, to slow the progress of daen Gryffid's pursuing pack. Later, the party found Rosheen and with the help of Vendilion clique dream magic shared her visions.

Brion's End[]

Afterward, Rhys, still dazzled by what he saw, was ambushed by the Gilt-Leaf pursuers under the leadership of daen Gryffid and taercenn Eidren. Brion woke up and upon finding Rhys gone, he followed his steps and found him in the hands of elves that hurt him previously. Happy to help Rhys and take his revenge upon his tormentors, Brion devastated the elvish party, save for the taercenn Eidren. Eidren, who let himself be deliberately enchanted by nettlevines, managed to sneak past his blows and throw a vial of moonglove poison into Brion's throat. The caustic poison burned Brion's throat and poisoned him at the same time, suffocating him to death.

In-game references[]

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