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Founded on Capenna
Active Mending Era
Notable members Falco Spara, Perrie
Associated Colors

One of the five crime families of New Capenna, the Brokers are the demonic lawyers of the crime world. They are associated with {G}{W}{U} mana, but are centered in white.[1][2][3]

Description[ | ]

The Brokers are a demonic law firm that secretly believes a doomsday prophecy that when the halo dries up, New Capenna will fail. They maintain public law offices where they handle mundane matters like property disputes and physical grievances. But their aggressive solicitors have a dubious reputation for being everywhere and showing up at every crisis in the city.

The Brokers are led by the demon-aven Falco Spara, the originator of the Brokers's contract-weaving abilities. The Brokers's headquarters is Nido Sanctuary, a lavish office in the central district of the Mezzio.[3]

The Brokers are servants first, agents of the upper crust's upper crust, and bruisers comfortable on the underside of the barrel—the armor on their suits is there for a reason. Practicing a unique style of contract magic invented by their founder, the Brokers offer their services at no upfront cost to those in desperate need. Whether accosted by a gang of brass-knuckle-toting Riveteers in the Caldaia or cornered by bloodthirsty Maestros assassins in Park Heights, the Brokers will intercede when called, offer terms, and fight on their new clients' behalf. The price is always the same: a favor, to be collected later, for a benefit—your teeth, your business, or your life—that's hard to turn down.[3]

Their demonic contracts erase the victim's memory; consequently, they have thousands of sleeper agents.[4]

History[ | ]

During the time of Old Capenna, the Brokers served as the plane's protectors and paladins.[5] They would travel from village to village, making pacts of protection with the locals. After the city was founded, these duties evolved into protection rackets.[1]

The Brokers led the defense of Capenna when Atraxa invaded, with Falco being a crucial target of Atraxa's massacre. They had a stockpile of halo and made primary negotiations with the reawakened angels.[6]

Design influence[ | ]

The Brokers were initially designed as a corrupt law enforcement agency, but was changed to a solicitation group fronting racketeering, due to prolific anti police brutality protests during the time New Capenna was being designed.[7]

Mechanics[ | ]

The Brokers mechanic is Shield counters, giving creatures a mark of protection.

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