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Race Nightmare Beast Elemental
Birthplace Ikoria
Lifetime Mending Era

Brokkos, the Forever-Beast is the apex monster of the Zagoth triome on Ikoria.

All of the apex monsters are ancient, but Brokkos is believed to predate them all. The gentle giant roams the forests of Zagoth with a miniature forest of its own growing on its back. It is said that Brokkos experiences time differently from the rest of the creatures on the plane: its blinks take minutes, its breaths take hours, and its naps take weeks. But just like time itself, Brokkos is an unstoppable force. Once it starts moving, nothing can halt it, be it humans, monsters, or the land itself. It seems that Brokkos's movements coincide with the changing of seasons on Ikoria, though it's unknown whether Brokkos follows the seasons or the seasons follow Brokkos.

It seems that Brokkos hibernates under the swamp for weeks at a time, as observed by the planeswalker Vivien Reid.[1]

According to legend, the first human was a hunter who tried to slay the apex monster. Instead of fighting back, Brokkos gave the human two gifts. The first was a vision of the past, so she may learn from her mistakes. The second was a vision of the future, so she may lead others forward.[2]

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