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The Brotherhood of Gix was a group of black mages that were seeking artifacts in Phyrexia in protection against the atrocities of Urza and Mishra during the Brothers' War on Dominaria.

The members of the Brotherhood believed in an afterlife for mechanical artifacts and began worshiping them. After they were influenced by a Yawgmoth Demon who lusted after the powerstones of Urza and Mishra, they finally were enslaved by Gix as priests of Yawgmoth. The Brotherhood was instrumental in alienating Mishra from his closest supporters and advisors, like Ashnod, and his subsequent compleation. Not knowing their affiliation, the Archmandrite of the Ivory Tower invited the Brotherhood of Gix to join the Council of Mages. At the Battle of Teonacall, the Brotherhood's abbey was destroyed and its abbots scattered, effectively ending the Brotherhood's presence in Dominaria.[1]

There are lots of similarities between the Brotherhood of Gix and The Order of the Ebon Hand, such as cutting off limbs as an honorable rite of passage, which suggests that Tourach might have been a survivor of the Brother's War who fled to Sarpadia.

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