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Bryan Hawley is a former Magic player, playing in 4 Pro Tours before joining R&D. He later became a developer for the game at Wizards of the Coast. Since May, 2018, he is the manager of the Play Design team.[1][2] As such, he is part of the Magic Studio X Adminstration.[3]


Bryan started in R&D working not on Magic but on the Japanese TCG Duel Masters. Eventually a slot opened up on Magic development, and Bryan shifted over.[4][5][6] Bryan's biggest responsibility was being the content lead for Magic Duels (overseeing all the card content — which cards the players have access to as well as what goes into specific decks that you fight either with or against), and he was also very active in the Future Future League, the internal playtest league where R&D playtests the future to make sure they can catch potential problems.[7]

Since may 2017, Bryan is a member of the Play Design team and also its manager.[8]




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