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Race Nightmare, horror
Birthplace Cabal City, Otaria, Dominaria
Lifetime ~4306 AR
Chainer's Torment, Judgment

Burke, Laquatus's Champion, was a nightmare-horror created by Chainer with the Mirari for Ambassador Laquatus to serve as a replacement servant for the merman following Turg's death.


He possessed enormous strength, no need for sleep, food or water, and was made of a substance that enabled him to change his shape (but not his mass). He was also virtually impervious to damage as his gel-like body would change shape to accommodate any injury and he had no organs to injure.


Burke obeyed Laquatus's every command following his creation, in time growing to respond to the ambassador's mental commands, rather than needing verbal commands. Laquatus was also able to psychically dominate Burke to take direct control over his actions in a similar way to how he had controlled Turg. As far as is known, Burke had no independent thought processes beyond his instincts and was utterly subservient to his master. During Laquatus's war with Empress Llawan, Burke served as the ambassador's bodyguard at all times, protecting him from any assassins that might try to teleport in. Burke's only notable task during this period was to retrieve Veza, who had escaped from Laquatus's vessel. Burke relentlessly pursued her, but only succeeded in breaking her ankle before the Otaria Trench was sealed off, trapping Burke along with the rest of Laquatus's army while Veza was safely on the other side.

Afterwards, Burke returned to his silent guard duty. When Laquatus worked out how to escape his prison, Burke accompanied him to the surface to protect him from any potential assailants whilst killing anyone the ambassador told him to. He faithfully followed Laquatus across Otaria in pursuit of the Mirari, aiding the Order in their battle with the Cabal before chasing down Kamahl and Balthor as they fled to Krosa. However, he was destroyed by Balthor when Laquatus tried to seize the Mirari. Burke tried to suffocate Balthor, but the dwarf was able to destroy all of Burke's body at once by performing a suicide fire spell.

When Balthor was turned into a zombie by Braids, a small part of Burke remaining in his throat enabled Laquatus to take control of Balthor.