Cabal City

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Pit arena at Cabal City. Art by John Avon.

Cabal City was a city located in Otaria that was controlled by the Cabal, and was the capital of the organization on Dominaria. It was notable for its pit fighting.

The Cabal Patriarch lived in a huge mansion in Cabal City, from which he ran the city. The pit fights were used to entertain the citizens, earn money for the city and the Cabal, and sometimes replaced trials as a justice system in which claimants battled to resolve their cases. However, the city was nearly destroyed when it was attacked by a Krosan dragon; later, it was completely overrun by dementia creatures when Chainer usurped rulership of the Cabal and exiled the Patriarch to Aphetto.

Chainer later lost control of the immense power granted to him by the Mirari in a pit fight against Kamahl and the Order. Cabal power in the area had been greatly weakened, and the city itself had suffered massive damage, so the city was abandoned and the Cabal relocated to Aphetto.