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The Caldaia is the bottom tier of the metropolis of New Capenna, situated below the Mezzio. It is the primary home of the Riveteers.


The Caldaia is the bottommost borough of New Capenna, the industrial heart of the city full of factories, warehouses, and titanic infrastructure. The structural columns of New Capenna stand mighty here, dwarfed only by the power of the Riveteers who call the Caldaia home. Though the Caldaia might lack the glamor of Park Heights or the cutthroat striving of the Mezzio, it is animated by purpose, grit, and gumption. Without the laborers of the Caldaia, united and organized by the Riveteers, New Capenna would grind to a halt.[1]

The Caldaia is home to a diverse population of humans, devils, viashino, and rhox, living and working together in the row houses and factories there, or riding the city's elevators up to build the chrome towers of the Mezzio and Park Heights.[1] It was given a utilitarian redesign by Ziatora and the Riveteers.[2]

The Caldaia is the busy, crowded, industrial base of New Capenna. The Riveteers are the dominant family here, but they are outnumbered by the sheer mass of working people that live in the Caldaia's densely packed apartments.[1]


  • Bassomer/Bassomar Bridge[3][1] - Connects the Caldaia to the Mezzio.
    • Lower Bassomer Station - A subway station that leads to Upper Bassomer Station in the Mezzio.[3]
  • The Merchants Guild Hall[3]
  • Port District
    • The Treza - Headquarters of the Riveteers and the family's boss, Ziatora.[4] A cavernous warehouse lair where Ziatora lounges and manages the Riveteers's business. Inside this massive space, Ziatora has had her Riveteers build a monument to her own glory, shaping its iron beams and balconies into draconic shapes. High ceilings and channels of molten metals define the interior of the space, crossing over floors of dark glass. The Treza is always busy, echoing with the sound of Riveteers smugglers fencing their latest hauls, lair bosses training their new recruits, and general carousing.[1] Contains Ziatora's Proving Grounds.
    • Ziatora's Dracotreasury - a massive vault full of gold and Halo hidden below The Treza. This place is dangerous to those without draconic heritage or other protection: the air itself burns with toxic gasses piped in from the Caldaia's industrial plants, a security measure to protect the Kingdom Era treasures, gold, and Halo Ziatora stores within.[1]
  • The Verts - The most notorious apartment district in the Caldaia. A fortress-like row of apartment buildings occupied by the Riveteers.[1] The low class apartments can be found near the basements of the city.[4]

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  • The Caldaia's design is based on 1920's Chicago.[5]


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