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Race Nightmare
Birthplace Corondor, Dominaria
Lifetime Unknown
Nightmare, Wayfarer

Caliphear the Nightmare was a black horse with flames for her mane and tail living on Corondor. Her caretaker was Laconia, but she was summoned by the wizard Jamil to destroy the wizard Nevar on another plane. Caliphear and Altair of Coloni defeated the wizard Coldraith who had ruined the Great Salt Marshes of Western Golthonor and the Plains of Coloni; Altair pledged to be her slave for ten years in payment for her help in destroying Coldraith. She joined Kristina of the Woods and Jared Carthalion in their quest to destroy Ravidel ten months after having defeated Coldraith. Caliphear was unsummoned by Ravidel to an unknown location during the battle at the Dueling Chasm of Golthonor.