Call of Blood

Call of Blood is a Magic: The Gathering Intro Pack that was released in the Battle for Zendikar Set. It is a White/Black deck and is styled around the Lifelink, Deathtouch and Flying mechanics. The deck contains cards that allow you to gain life, such as Drana's Emissary (Which grants you 1 life each turn while negating your opponent's life in the process), and cards that gain bonuses when you gain said life. One of the two rare cards, Felidar Sovereign, wins the game automatically if you have 40 or more life during your upkeep. It contains 2 Booster Packs, and when shuffled, is ready to play.

Totaling 60 cards, this Intro Pack contains:

In the Battle for Zendikar Storyline, Call of Blood is the result of the unforeseen, shaky alliance between Vampires and the Kor that inhabit the Zendikar Plane, battling the Eldrazi that infiltrate it.


# Name Type P T Rarity
1 Zulaport Cutthroat Creature 1 1 U
2 Kitesail Scout Creature 1 1 C
2 Serene Steward Creature 2 2 U
3 Stone Haven Medic Creature 1 3 C
1 Hagra Sharpshooter Creature 2 2 U
2 Malakir Familiar Creature 2 1 U
3 Nirkana Assassin Creature 2 3 C
1 Shadow Glider Creature 2 2 C
2 Drana's Emissary Creature 2 2 U
2 Courier Griffin Creature 2 3 C
2 Bloodbond Vampire Creature 3 3 U
2 Kalastria Nightwatch Creature 4 5 C
1 Felidar Sovereign Creature 4 6 R
1 Defiant Bloodlord Creature 4 5 R
1 Blighted Steppe Land U
2 Evolving Wilds Land C
2 Mortuary Mire Land C
10 Swamp Land C
11 Plains Land C
2 Dutiful Return Sorcery C
2 Demon's Grasp Sorcery C
2 Gideon's Reproach Instant C
2 Tandem Tactics Instant C
1 Roil's Retribution Instant U