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Race Human
Birthplace Carth, Corondor, Dominaria
Lifetime Pre-Mending
Dakkon Blackblade (comic)
Not to be confused with Carth (location).

The Son of Carth, sometimes called simply "Carth" or the Lion of Carth was a native of Corondor on Dominaria with the crescent moon Mark of the Elder Druid on his cheek. His true name was never revealed.[1][2]


In ancient Dominaria, centuries before the cataclysmic Brothers' War, Carth the Lion took part in an uprising against the evil planeswalker Geyadrone Dihada. The uprising failed, and Carth was forced to watch as Dihada's champion, Sol'Kanar, murdered one hundred of his tribesfolk, including his mother and sister.[3]

Cart set out to punish the demon planeswalker for destroying his home town. He was captured however and thrown into jail, where a disguised Dihada tricked him into summoning Dakkon Blackblade to Dominaria and binding him to the plane. Dihada used this trick to make Dakkon more vulnerable. This started the Blackblade–Dihada War, which in the end enabled her to force Dakkon into her legion.

Although the pair were unsuccessful in killing Dihada, they were able to escape from her clutches and form a bond of friendship. Leaving the corrupted land of Corondor behind them, they traveled to the continent of Terisiare. Here, the son of Carth founded House Carthalion. According to Dihada, Carth possessed a latent planeswalker's spark, although it is unclear if this was true and, if so, if he ever ignited.[1]

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