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Cape of Casindral.gif
Plane Dominaria
Part of Corondor
Status Unknown
Formerly part of Iron Kingdom

Casindral was a major region and the nation of southern Corondor, located between Stonehaven and Golthonor.[1]

Major locations[edit | edit source]

  • Kristina's Woods. Home to the alliance that would defend the land against Ravidel's growing shadow.
    • The Quirion Sovereign a majestic elven nation stretched to the southern coasts of Corondor. There were many who said these lands would be the last to fall at the hands of would-be conquerors.
    • The White Woods. A forest of broadleaf and silver birch, deep within the Quirion Sovereign. Refuge for many Elves of Terisiare after the Ice Age.
  • Casindral Cape, located at the mouth of the Tenamis River. Part of the border between Stonehaven and Casindral.
  • Casindral Isle, an island south of the main land. Mariners have long hailed this island as one of fair omen, for to pass it by sea is to be taken by the current at twice the speed of the southern albatross. It was from this good harbor that merchant ships, pleasure craft, and pirate vessels launched, for anywhere on Corondor’s Southern Coast was reachable from here. This was also the landing point for unfortunate refugees from the troubles in the tropical land of Jamuura.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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