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Celebration cards are non-legal with very limited printings, made by the creators of Magic: the Gathering for special events or celebrations.[1] On several of them, the rules text is flavorful but doesn't work within the official rules.[2]

Name Creators Number in existence Occasion
1996 World Champion Wizards of the Coast 1 The 1996 World Championships
Shichifukujin Dragon Wizards of the Coast 1 Opening of the Japan DCI Tournament Center in Tokyo, Japan
Proposal Richard Garfield 9 Garfield proposing marriage to his girlfriend Lily Wu.
Splendid Genesis Richard Garfield 110 The birth of Garfield's first child, Terry.
Fraternal Exaltation Richard Garfield 220[3] The birth of Garfield's second child, Schuyler.
Robot Chicken Wizards of the Coast 6 A successful cooperation with the creators of Robot Chicken.
Phoenix Heart Richard Garfield Unknown Garfield's wedding to Koni Kim.
Post the Enchanter Wizards of the Coast 1 Gratitude for the exposure given to Magic by Post Malone

Employee retirement cards[ | ]

Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, and associated company employees who have had long tenures are occasionally given special, personalized Magic cards as a gift on their retirement. These cards are designed to celebrate the individual person's achievements but are given in a volume that could also be considered promotional cards.

Name Creators Number in existence Occasion
Luc Mertens Wizards of the Coast ~15-20 Luc Mertens was Magic's liaison at Carta Mundi, retired on September 1, 2013 after 33 years. He was given fifteen to twenty promotional cards celebrating his life and work.[4]
Deb Thomas Wizards of the Coast Unknown When Deborah Thomas, CFO of Hasbro retired in 2022 she was given at least one promotion card made in her image as a Planeswalker.[5]

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