Celestial Purge
Celestial Purge M10
Magic 2010 Uncommon Conflux Uncommon Magic 2011 Uncommon Magic 2012 Uncommon 
Cost: Mana 1Mana W
CMC: 2
Card Type: Instant
Oracle Text: Exile target black or red permanent.
Flavor Text: Magic 2010 Uncommon : "We see clearly the error of your ways. It does not matter that you choose not to."
—Urien of the Lightwielders

Conflux Uncommon : "This new chaos confounds us. We must fling it into our winds, our storms. These we can control."
—Bezzit Plar, Esper stormcaller

Magic 2011 Uncommon : "They say only the good die young. Obviously, you are one of the exceptions."
—Delrobah, cleric of Ivora Gate

Magic 2012 Uncommon : "A world without evil? Boring. Give me vile fiends to smite and banish any day."
—Sarlena, paladin of the Northern Verge

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