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Origin Innistrad
Creator Unnamed hedgewitches
User Dawnhart Coven
Status In decay

The Celestus, is an ancient large astronomical device of ancient origins that is hidden in Kessig's Ulvenwald on Innistrad.[1] Built by hedgewitches centuries ago, it purpose was to track the movements of stars and the moon.[2] At times, it is said the arms shift about the central platform — which itself was as large as any village green. The broken rings with lenses rise from the earth, and carvings can be seen along its pitted surface. It was said that whatever purpose it once served, it was best left to the past.[1] According to Katilda, it could be used for righting the balance of day and night.[1]

Near the Celestus is the enclave of the Dawnhart Coven: branches and hides fashioned into tents, decorated with crescents and spheres. Floating candles, candleguides, lend the place an eerie light, as do the strange scarecrows throughout.[1]

The Celestus was used by the Dawnhart Coven in a ritual at the Harvesttide festival.[3] At its center was a lock of bright gold, the Sungold Lock that had to be unlocked with the Moonsilver Key first.[1] After Arlinn Kord with the help of Teferi, Chandra Nalaar, Kaya and Adeline obtain the Key (which was in Markov Manor), they return to Celestus. At this point Tovolar attacks the Harvesttide festival with his werewolf army. Cathars, planeswalkers and witches fight the invaders to protect the humans, while Kaya takes the Key to the central area of Celestus where Katilda waits. The witches begin the ritual and after the battle with Tovolar is over and he and his army retreat, Arlinn goes to Katilda to help finish the ritual. But Olivia Voldaren appears and interrupts the ritual by taking the Key with her.[4][5][6]

The Celestus and the faces of the Moon of Innistrad

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