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(Subtype for creature/tribal cards)
66 cards
{W} 6.1% {B} 3% {R} 1.5% {G} 69.7% {R/G} 7.6% {G/W} 10.6% {M} 1.5%
as of Jumpstart: Historic Horizons
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Centaur is a creature type used for cards that depict creatures who have equine bodies with human torsos at the withers instead of a horse neck and head. They have six limbs, four legs ending in hooves, and two arms ending in hands. Centaurs are known for their skill in battle, particularly as archers, heavy cavalry, and druids.

The first card to bear the type was the red Windseeker Centaur, a media insert that came with Whispering Woods. Centaurs are almost all associated with green mana, and none are aligned with blue.


Dominarian Centaurs[]

Centaurs are scattered all over the plane of Dominaria in small numbers, though only in Otaria are they found in great numbers.

Aeronan Centaurs[]

Windseeker centaurs live in the Green Lands of southern Aerona by the Honeyed Sea. The Windseekers were loyal in battle and passionate in all things.

Jamuraan Centaurs[]

The jungle-dwelling centaurs of Jamuraa were few in number, and many served the spellshaper Jolrael.

Otarian Centaurs[]

The forest of Krosa in Otaria was home to Dominaria's largest concentration of centaurs. The Krosan centaurs were mighty warriors and contemplative druids who lived in harmony with the forest's humans and nantuko. They sometimes participated in the Cabal-sponsored pit fights that played an important role in the continent's society.

Otarian centaurs were huge creatures with muscular upper bodies and lower bodies like those of heavy warhorses. They usually had doppled hindquarters. Many Otarian centaurs wore their hair in such a way that it gave them a leonine appearance.

Another race of centaurs also dwelt in Otaria. These centaurs were slight and wiry with the heads and lower bodies of antelopes. They were more peaceful than the equine centaurs but lived peacefully alongside them.

Terisian Centaurs[]

Centaurs were fairly common on the continent of Terisiare before and during the Ice Age, though whether they survived the Thaw is unknown. Prior to the Brothers' War, the centaurs of Argoth were important allies of the elves and human druids of the island and perished with them. During the Ice Age, the centaurs were dire enemies of the Kjeldorans, whose aesthir mounts they would often kill.

Some Terisian centaurs resembled reindeer rather than horses, with short tails, cloven hooves, and a majestic rack of antlers. Some reindeer-centaurs were empowered by the snow-magic of the cryomancer Heidar.

Ravnican Centaurs[]

Centaurs are fairly common on the city-plane of Ravnica, where they associate mainly with the Selesnya Conclave and the Gruul Clans. Selesnya centaurs are noble and peaceful protectors of the people.[1] Gruul centaurs are wild savages who revel in battle and destruction; they are larger than their Selesnya cousins, and though they are also part horse they have huge racks of elk-like antlers as well.

Theros Centaurs[]

Theros centaurs are divided mostly into the somewhat civilized Lagonna Band and the primal Pheres Band. Iroas, the God of Victory, is depicted as a centaur, but with the lower half of a bull.

Lagonna Band Centaurs[]

These are mostly merchants, doing trade with Meletis and Setessa, in either case being fragile and uneasy alliances. Lagonna Band centaurs are diplomatic and have well-structured groups (known as "guros", plural "guri"). Lagonna Band centaurs have simple, yet "proper" names

Pheres Band Centaurs[]

The Pheres Band roams between the lands of Akros and Setessa. Being more savage, they rely entirely on "might makes right" and have much looser social bonds. This is reflected in their names which are entirely based on superficial traits (i.e. "Great-Hoof", "Wide-Eyes", "Smoke-Born").

Notable Centaurs[]





Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Centaur Green Creature — Centaur 3/3
Green Creature — Centaur 3/3 Protection from black
Green Enchantment Creature — Centaur 3/3




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