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Race Human
Birthplace Ulgrotha
Lifetime ~3800 AR

Chandler is one of the best known rogues in the Homelands. He is a con-man who has visited every city and village of the Homelands ever since he was old enough to travel the roads. Born with a knack for scams, Chandler is obsessed with liberating magical toys and mechanical devices from their owners. His preferred target is the Wizards' School on the Floating Island. The Wizard Savant of the Wizards School has placed a good sized bounty on Chandler's head, since the thief stole a ring of keys that are useful in altering and changing the mechanisms of clockwork creatures. While Chandler is at large, no artifact creature is ever safe.

Chandler sells his stolen goods to an anonymous buyer for high prices, but he doesn't know that he is indirectly working for a minion of Baron Sengir, who is collecting many of these devices in preparation for his day of triumph.[1]

Sometimes Chandler works together with Joven, his partner in crime. The two are wanted not only by the Wizards School, but by Eron the Relentless too, since Chandler and Joven tricked Eron into giving them his prized Ebony Rhino. If Eron ever catches Chandler or Joven on his side of Strongrock, he'll make them pay for a very long time.[2]

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