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Chandra's Ultimate
Publication information
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Publication period October 22, 2007
URL See references
Creative team
Writer(s) Doug Beyer
Art director Jeremy Jarvis
Illustrator(s) Christopher Moeller
Preceded By
Followed By
Fuel for the Fire

Chandra's Ultimate is a short webcomic about Chandra Nalaar, telling the tale of how she stole the Dragon Scroll from Kephalai. It was released in October, 2007. It was later published on paper as part of Fuel for the Fire in Path of the Planeswalker.


  • Report: "To the office of the prelate. Third of eightmonth. Watchcommander's final report. We discovered the miscreant at the Sanctum of Stars. She fled the scene before arrest procedures could be completed. We pursued her on suspicion of burglary, but the miscreant's crimes only escalated from there." [1]
  • Chandra: "Kephalai. Saw the sights. Gathered a few new tricks courtesy of some museum. Royally pissed of the local power-that-be. Finding a safe spot to walk out of here won't be easy." Report: "After we encountered and trapped the miscreant, we apprehended her with a standard confinement spell."[2]
  • Chandra escaping the spell: "Their magic is honed to a razor's edge... but imaginative. Gotta know how to improvise. How to turn.... adversity... into advantage." Report: The cryostave worked perfectly but the miscreant took a hostage and made a cowardly escape" [Appendix A: Cost & damages. One (1) cryostave regulation. One (1) watch officer].[3]
  • Report: "Pursuit became impossible. So we requisitioned... two of Kephalai's finest. The gargoyles seized the miscreant immediately." Chandra getting caught: "Unexpected, they mean business. Must mean I took the right scroll."* [4]
  • Report: We already had enough evidence to condemn by authority of the prelate's code. Her sentences was death. Lakros administered the miscreant's punishment immediately." Chandra thrown off a bridge by the gargoyles: "Not good. Never liked Kephalai. Lousy decor, unfriendly gravity. Chandra holds on to the gargoyles while falling: "Was going to wait to try the new trick, but now seems as good as any to... experiment. Chandra breaks her fall into the water with the gargoyles. Report: [Appendix A: Cost & damages. Two (2) enforcer gargoyles].[5]
  • Chandra uses her ultimate: "As Jaya always said, when in doubt, unleash the biggest boom you know. Adversity into advantage." KA-SHHOOOOOOOM! Report: Our investigation has concluded satisfactorily. We recovered no corpse for proper processing but we have no evidence that the miscreant survived elimination. Watch commander considers the matter closed. See attached for materials and expenses." Chandra: "Trick worked well. But then, fire always does."[6] THE END.