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Chaos Draft
Booster Draft
DCI Sanctioned
Paper {Tick}
Magic Online {Cross}
Magic Arena {Cross}
Type Limited (Draft)
Multiplayer {Cross}

Chaos Draft is a Limited format of playing Magic: the Gathering where you draft cards, that is, you pick one card from a booster pack and then pass it to your neighbor. However, unlike regular Booster Draft which is used in carefully crafted environment, Chaos Draft uses booster packs from a maximum of different sets by giving different packs to each player.[1][2][3] In some playgroups, players first choose which packs they will open,[4] while on Magic Online, packs are assigned to players at random.

The drafting experience is on a different level since you never know what's coming next. Chaos drafts are never the same. There are at least hundreds of trillions of combinations of possible boosters and the cards within. Chaos Draft rewards you for having a solid understanding of the standout Limited cards from Magic's past. In-set synergies are usually to be avoided, because there are not enough of those cards to work efficiently.

In November 2019, Wizards of the Coast introduced the Mystery Booster to approximate Chaos Draft.

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