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Charge counter
Charge counter
Use Various
Placed On Non-creature permanents
Introduced Ice Age
Last Used Baldur's Gate
105 counter creation cards
{W} 1% {U} 1.9% {B} 1% {R} 5.7% {G} 1.9% {B/R} 1% {U/R} 1% {M} 1% {artifact symbol} 77.1% {land symbol} 8.6%
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oracle:"Charge counter"

Charge counters are the third most common counter type in Magic, and serve as the default counter for noncreature permanents.[1] They were introduced on the Ice Age cards Ice Cauldron and Jeweled Amulet, though they also have been retroactively applied to the Legends mana battery cycle.


NCC Punch card with a.o. charge counters

While charge counters are the default choice, many other counter types exist. Charge counters are one of the few types that are mechanically referenced on other cards, whereas other types are given distinct names for the sake of flavor.[2]


Despite their frequency, charge counters have only been used by a single keyworded mechanic.


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